Redressing Cop for Black Market

A clip starring Chloe Toy, Ellie

Chloe Toy, Ellie in Redressing Cop for Black Market

In this clip: dragging, face play, groping, injection, inspection, girl/girl, redressing, amateur, stripping

Cop Chloe Toy is inspecting a flat, when creepy Ellie sneaks behind her and cracks her neck with a neck chop. Chloe's body falls limp into her arms, and Ellie holds her up for some time.
She then places her onto the floor, does a couple of eye checks to make sure she's gone, and then starts undressing and gently groping the body until she's fully naked and exposed.
When the uniform is gone, she starts redressing Chloe's body in a more sexy outfit, so that she will be more appealing when she sells her on the black market, and hopefully make more money. Call it product presentation.
Finally, he moves her on the couch, exposes and kisses her neck a bit, and then rolls her over and puts the body ass up, for a little injection in the bum. After that, she carries the body on her shoulder and leaves.