Hannah Shaw REAL Sleep Incident

A clip starring Hannah

Hannah in Hannah Shaw REAL Sleep Incident

In this clip: POV, footjob, foot worship, masturbation, silly, amateur

This is a very special extra, shot in the making of "Don't Dial 666!", which has not been featured in the main video. It is uncut footage, unedited, as a real thing was going on.

Basically, when I was shooting the foot fucking part, I started hearing some distinct deep breaths. Also, her feet felt more abandoned in my hands... She told me that she couldn't sleep much on the night before because of shootings and travelling, and we just had a nice sized lunch. I understood she had just fallen asleep, for real!
Also, I could notice her toes, fingers and even soles occasionally spasming, visibly and clearly (and you can see it in the video), like some asleep cat does sometimes when peacefully asleep.

So I kept shooting and acted more silent and delicate, enjoying the feeling of real limp: she wasn't acting, that is a really asleep girl and you can hear some of the breathing if you focus on that.
At some point I took the camera off the tripod and started panning around her sleeping body, getting closeup of everything. I was aiming to get to her face to get more of her sleeping breath sound, but when I got close to her face she sensed me and woke up. The after part is included, she confesses she may have fallen asleep and asks for how long she stayed so, and when I tell her that it has been several minutes she's surprised, and it felt like seconds to her!