Real Fucking and Hardcore in the Hospital

A clip starring Olive Glass

Olive Glass in Real Fucking and Hardcore in the Hospital

In this clip: groping, fucking, knockout, medical

A woman is waiting on a hospital bed for some kind of surgery; the doctor comes in, talks to her and puts her to sleep using a medical mask. But once he is alone, he reveals his true intentions: he begins fondling her body, exposes her breasts and sucks them. Then he pulls his dick out and begins getting a hard-on by slapping it directly on her face; she can't even tell at the moment! He grabs her legs, slides her on the medical bed, and begins a long REAL fuck, as we see her pretty feet dangling at every stroke, upon his shoulders. He pauses, rolls the body, posing it in different ways, and then resumes fucking, until he orgasms and shoots his real cum all over her belly. Everything is real here, the medical equipment is stunning and there are a lot of great sole closeups!