Ragdoll Trainer

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 in Ragdoll Trainer

In this clip: carrying, dragging, face play, ragdolling, groping, massage, rolling, stripping

Mercy West is a dancer and is auditioning for a role in the stage version of "Dark Swan", a sexy ballet where she will play one of the lead roles, and is a shoe in for the part. She is very nervous though and asked her director to refer her to a personal trainer who can help her to limber up and strengthen for the role. Her director Chris has the perfect guy, Rex Hardcastle, a very Zen personal trainer and strengthening coach, who has helped some of the best on the stage. Chris knew she would be great for him too because she is exactly "his type" and would also enjoy the session very much.
She comes out of the changing room with her yoga pants and sports top, and socks, ready but still nervous. Rex is stretching on the floor and asks if she is comfortable as she enters. She answers a few questions and he tells her to do some stretches she would do before dancing on stage. She says she doesn't have a regiment, but is willing to learn and trusts Chris. Rex stands and starts out slow, stretching her in a few different positions, slowly getting her limber. She moans and you hear a couple pops and grunts as he limbers her, stretching her to the point where she is in pain and uncomfortable because his hands are all over her in her sensitive areas. He just acts like it is part of routine, which it is, he still is the best at getting people dialed in. After some standing stretches he takes her to the floor asking her to get down for some more stretches. He gets her all twisted up, flopping her limbs as he does, and then getting very touchy feeler with her, using his bracing hands on her crotch or on her breasts. When he lifts her legs he uses her vagina a a fingerhold which makes her very uncomfortable. He explains to her he must have total commitment to his regiment, or not at all. He asks her if she wants the role or not and she bucks up and he continues. He grinds into her leg as he pushes his pelvis, and erection in his sweats, up against hers using it as a hold, he also rubs her sexy socks on his dick before he goes to his next pose and stretch. As he tells her to relax and close her eyes, he slowly and slyly grabs a pillow that is on the edge of the mantle and slowly puts it next to her head. he tells her to take a deep breath then let out all the air, and when she does he puts the pillow over her head and smothers her, She slowly reacts but when he tells her to go to a happy lace, she freaks and starts to fight. he is straddling her arms and body so she can only kick and squirm under him, getting him more aroused. She fights hard but flops out limp. She is quiet and eyes closed when he removes the pillow. Her last second twitches were done and she was completely limp. The stretching made her even more limber too, so he thinks for a minute about what he will do as he checks her out, smelling her and touching her to see how she reacts, he takes off her socks and sees her perfect size five and a half toes and feet, he scoots over to her head and moves it to see if she is limp. He now knows he will have fun with her for a bit until she wakes up. He moves her leg to check her ass and whacks it hard, slapping so hard it pops. He rolls her over checking her soles and mashing them with his fists, grabbing her roughly and pinching her skin and nipples. He removes the yoga pants to the knees and bites and gropes her ass, he bites and smells her cunt. He immediately starts to treat her like a rag doll, flopping her all over the room, sitting her up and making her arms sway back and forth, they look as if they go past the threshold of mobility, she is amazingly limp and double jointed, and now stretched out to all the way. Rex is so excited and now knows what Chris meant when he said she was special. He flops her around, picking her up by the hips off the ground, so she dangles, throwing her back and forth so her arms swing to and fro. he takes off his shirt, knowing this is going to be a long, fun day full of playing with her, and a long night of playing with her.  He rolls her over and starts to rough handle her front. He grabs her hard on the pussy pinching it through her booty shorts. He is very aggressively messing with her limp body, he picks her up so her ass is on his dick and tosses her back and forth making her sway and swing, he dances around with her for a few, then goes to the floor, laying her on top of him. He kicks her legs up so they fall limp, he grabs them and tosses them to the side playing with her sexy limp body. He grabs her tits and side hard, then her legs and her neck. he squeezes hard on her neck and she remains passed out.