Chloroforming and Ragdolling Neve

A clip starring Neve

Neve in Chloroforming and Ragdolling Neve

In this clip: assault, chloroform, face play, ragdolling, groping, inspection, foot worship, rolling, feet, legs, ass, mouth, redhead, underwear/bikini

Neve is relaxing on her bed, reading a book, when a guy rushes from behind and chloroforms her with a rag. It's a long struggle, and the camera is focused on the kicking legs and feet as she screams through the rag before going limp. very good scene except that some face shots are missing.
Once she is out, the guy starts handling her body in a rough way, tossing her around the bed, rolling her, inspecting her feet, hands, playing with her face. her beautiful shape is like a sack of potatoes now.
Later she starts to wake up, but she doesn't have the time for it: he pushes the chloro rag on her face again, and it's a shorter but still good struggle, and she is limp again. He goes on for a bit and then leaves her there.