Nikita Ragdolled Looking for Memory Card

A clip starring Nikita

Nikita in Nikita Ragdolled Looking for Memory Card

In this clip: ragdolling, footjob, faceless/anonymous, inspection, foot worship, masturbation, brunette, petite

A burglar carries Nikita's unconscious hooded body in; he dumps her on a bed and starts searching the body, taking off the skirt, high heels, and patting the body. it doesn't take long for him to find what he had been looking for: a memory card containing secret data.
He could be done, but he decides to take his time and perv around using Nikita's limp body: he starts ragdolling her on the bed, having fun with these luscious soles of hers, worshipping her soles and rubbing his cock on them.
Once he's done, he writes a note and leaves it on her bum, just to let her know that the data has been stolen.

Nikita is the best in limp play, and her soles are heaven!