Ragdoll Ex Girlfriend - Part II

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 in Ragdoll Ex Girlfriend - Part II

In this clip: carrying, cumshot, groping, footjob, foot worship, masturbation

Continued from Part 1, after putting his ex girlfriend to sleep, Chris brings her to the bedroom for a long foot fuck, and some rag dolling... She is his toy for the next few hours, so he has some things in mind that he loved to do with her when she was proud to be his rag doll girl with the most perfect feet he has ever seen, tasted, licked, and definitely fucked. He rubs oil on her body, kneading her ass like bread dough. He oils her up good, especially her ass, pussy, and feet. As Chris fucks her soles he tries some new positions, and her limp body is making him rock hard. After a long foot screw, he shoots his load on her soles. Then, he leaves her there for a sec while he grabs some towels to wipe her feet clean.