Ragdoll Ex Coco

A clip starring Coco

Coco in Ragdoll Ex Coco

In this clip: bondage, carrying, dragging, face play, ragdolling, groping, knockout, rolling

[Part 1]: Coco was dating this rocker neanderthal dude for a while but he turned into a creep. He comes back to her place and puts her to sleep, making her go down into his arms after a struggle. Her eyes flutter until she is limp in his arms. He picks her up and drags her down the hall, her toes barely touch the floor in her sandals. He plops onto the bed, with her on top of him. He rolls her off then continues to play with her limp body, rag dolling her and flopping her limbs, playing with her face and mouth, rolling her over and back to watch her limp body move. She doesn't feel a thing and he just wants some time with her again, her sexy soles, and limp body.
[Part 2]: The guy plays with Coco's rag doll body, flopping her around more, then undressing her from the Yoga pants and top, down to her sexy bra and panties. He flops her around then picks her up and drags her to the living room, then flops her on the ground. He plays with her body, flopping her, rolling her and rag dolling her. He dresses her in a cocktail dress and slide on wedge flips. He picks her up and carries her around the room before he takes her to the couch to play with her body and feet, her sexy soles are so perfect for him. He drops her arms and plays with her face again. He positions her on the couch then drags her to the floor again fixing her shoes. He drags her to the bedroom as her heels drag on the floor.
[Part 3]: Finally Coco wakes up, faded and groggy. She thinks she is dreaming and so she hurries groggily out of the room dressed in her yoga pants and sports bra again, headed to the door. He sees her and rushes to the door to get her before she leaves. He grabs her and puts her to sleep again; she slides down the wall into a ball on the floor. He picks her up from the floor, then grabs her by her hair. He flops it around, grabbing by her hair and rag dolling her. He flops her on the floor, adjusting things then picking her up, dragging to the couch. He sits her up limb playing and ragging her. He zip ties her legs, then arms in front, then cuts them, puts the hands in back then hogties her. He leaves her there to wake up again...