Pretending To Be Out!

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 in Pretending To Be Out!

In this clip: fainting, girl/girl, multigirl, masturbation

Here we have a great lesbian scene featuring porn star Trinity St. Clair! A girl rushes in her house, looking scared, and pretends to faint. She is actually a burglar and expects Trinity to run away calling for help, so that she can steal something from her house. But, actually she ends trapped up in Trinity's hands, as she's a lesbian who wants to take advantage of the situation: she drags the girl on the bed, starts fondling her all over, and begins worshiping her feet for a long time, while the other one cannot do nothing but keep pretending to be out! Actually we can "hear" her thoughts, and she actually enjoys the worship very much! At some point Trinity begins fingering herself while worshiping her feet, until she orgasms... But, unexpectedly, the other girl wakes up angry with the kinky lesbian, who faints; at that point the burglar takes off all her precious jewellery and runs away. She won!