Post Apocalyptic Foot Worship

A clip starring Adreena

Adreena in Post Apocalyptic Foot Worship

In this clip: groping, inspection, foot worship

This is kind of based in a post apocalyptic type setting. A guy is searching through an abandon house looking for loot. He is wearing a backpack to stuff things in. During his search he finds a sleepy Adreena lying on the floor. She is on her back with her legs slightly spread open. She is wearing a jacket, jeans, and tennis shoes.

He goes to her body. He starts looking in her jacket for anything useful. He decides to sit her up and take her jacket off.
He then lays her back down gently. After that he takes her shoes off. He stuffs them in his backpack. He looks at her white socked feet. He removes her socks to see her feet.

He starts rubbing the sole of one of her feet in his face. He does the same to the other foot as well. He starts sucking the toes of her feet. The camera cuts to her face during the foot worship.

After the worship he lays her feet back down. He stuffs her socks in his pockets to have as a souvenir. He gets his backpack and leaves the room.