Portia's Job Interview Fail

A clip starring Portia

Portia in Portia's Job Interview Fail

In this clip: gas, fainting, humiliation, sniffing, massage, silly, snoring, casting

Portia is having a very good job interview, and she gets confirmed. The boss wants to celebrate the event by offering her a very fine drink; she's not very good with drinks and she knows that it's going to put her to sleep, but she accepts it anyway as she doesn't want to ruin the magic. Useless to say it happens, and she unexpectedly flops down after performing a set of silly and astonished faces: she now lays on the ground, snoring soundly. Even more surprisingly, there the boss takes off her shoes and begins a long handling of her feet, performing a lot of limp foot play, massaging, rubbing and a little worship, showing off her soles while she keeps snoring soundly.
When she wakes up, later, she's super embarrassed but the boss tells her she's going to get the job anyway, but no more drinks for her!

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