Anna Darling POV Sleepy Penis Assault

A clip starring Anna Darling

Anna Darling in Anna Darling POV Sleepy Penis Assault

In this clip: assault, cumshot, gas, ragdolling, groping, POV, hands, masturbation, amateur, stripping

Anna has a nice dinner with her housemate, but in the end she's really tired: she could collapse on her bed instantly. She makes the mistake to telling that to her mate, just before going to bed.

Later that night, the creep sneaks into her bedroom with a camera recording. He begins groping and stripping her body, once he finds out she's really deep asleep! He ragdolls her, reveals her genitals, takes his dick out and rubs it on her bum, legs, feet... He rubs it onto her hand giving himself a handjob, and at the same time he films everything using the POV camera. The shots are mixed with a wide angle camera from the ceiling, mixing wide angle shots with POV closeups of the dodgy situation.

He will end cumming onto her bum, but that's just the end of a realistic, dodgy situation!