Sara Vigorous Pendrive Assault

A clip starring Sara

Sara in Sara Vigorous Pendrive Assault

In this clip: assault, carrying, chloroform, face play, fighting, ragdolling, humiliation, inspection, knockout, rolling

A very determined agent rushes in Sara's house, looking for a some important information she is supposed to have. She keeps saying she has no idea of what he's talking about, so he soon has to punch her to unconsciousness to be free to inspect her body ragdolling her like a sack of potatoes.
He performs vigorous rollings, frisking, mouth and hair inspection, but Sara wakes up sometimes during the clip and he has to put her down again in some different ways including a final chloroform scene. During all the clip she's being vigorously inspected (and interrogated when awake), then in the end the agent carries her limp body away with him...