Lavinia Vigorous Assault

A clip starring Lavinia

Lavinia in Lavinia Vigorous Assault

In this clip: assault, chloroform, ragdolling, groping, POV, humiliation, inspection, rolling, nylons, amateur, stripping, legs, ass, breasts, brunette, smart/business

Agent Lavinia is lying peacefully on her bed when two guys (one is POV camera) rush in and chloroform her; they sound angry, they're looking for a memory card she must have hidden on herself. The bigger guy handles her limp body vigorously, patting her, ragdolling and undressing her without caring about her sexy shape. There is no time, all they want is the memory card. The guy gets angrier, mercilessly rips off her stockings as she has no idea of what's going on. He keeps ragdolling her looking for the chip, he probably ignores the fact that it's always in the bra... That's why he has to strip her completely to her underwear before finding it.
Once they have the memory card, they decide to humiliate her body some more; the guy starts groping her in a more entertaining way, rolls her to expose her ass, takes off her top and panties leaving her limp body totally naked, exposed and helpless.