Pendrive Giallo Neve Ammalia Pt2

A clip starring Ammalia, Neve

Ammalia, Neve in Pendrive Giallo Neve Ammalia Pt2

In this clip: cumshot, footjob, foot worship, masturbation, amateur, bodypile

And here we mess it up! This video aimed to be a real quality one: we set up the set carefully, put care in the outfits, and I was behind the camera in part 1 putting lots of attention to filming. Then in Part 2 I have to perform, and my crap skills (including language) already got the scale collapsing every time I opened my mouth... But, most importantly, the camera was given to someone who had no conception of quality: even if I told him to stay in the set and not get anything out of it, apparently his mind was blank. here you can see a kind of "backstage" video, showing what's out of the set including lights, tripods and moved furniture!

But, I could not notice he was messing up because I was busy masturbating and fucking the feet of the two unconscious girls, until I cum on them. It's not as stylish as I wanted, but you still get two limp sexy girls being footfucked, at a reduced price! :)