Pendrive Giallo Neve Ammalia Pt1

A clip starring Ammalia, Neve

Ammalia, Neve in Pendrive Giallo Neve Ammalia Pt1

In this clip: chloroform, inspection, knockout

Agent Neve is in her bedroom, having a phone call about the usual pendrive on a mission, which has to be hidden on her body as it contains vital information. She says that she has it hidden on herself and closes the call. She is tires, she lies own for a nap and falls asleep.
Burglar Ammalia sneaks in, dressed as sexy Catwoman. She gets a rag and chloroforms Neve, who instantly wakes up and starts struggling and kicking... but there is little to do, so she soon succumbs. Alone with her limp body, Ammalia begins searching for the memory card but doesn't find it, so she begins searching for it on the body, ragdolling limp Neve on the bed.
In the end she finds it and moves it on herself; she has a closer look at Neve's body, ragdolls it a bit more, then sits on the edge of the bed and tries the victim's high heels shoes on.
In the meantime an agent enters the house, as he intended to meet Neve; he is silent so he's not heard by Ammalia. He reaches the room and freezes, seeing what's going on. So he sneaks forward, and punches Ammalia on the back of her head knocking her out.

To be continued...