Lexy Pendrive Fuck POV Assault

A clip starring Lexy

Lexy in Lexy Pendrive Fuck POV Assault

In this clip: assault, oral, chloroform, face play, ragdolling, groping, POV, fucking, humiliation, inspection, amateur, stripping

Lexy is another stupid chick who hides a memory card containing top secret data on herself; after doing this during a phone call with her client, she lays down and sleeps.
Soon two criminals rush in, abruptly waking her up, but just to hold her still and violently chloroforming her. She is gone and, while the strongest criminal proceeds to ragdoll and inspect her looking for the chip, the other one films everything using a camera and a GoPro.
Limp Lexy gets vigorously ragdolled and stripped naked, until finally the memory card is found: she is fucked, but not yet literally.
The guy begins disrespecting her limp body, spreading her legs and fingering her pussy: soon he takes his dick out and fucks her limp shape hard. He also has a break and fucks her in the mouth, which of course is not able to suck at the moment. Then back to fuck her from behind, and that's when she suddenly wakes up, maybe because of the too much cock... Still groggy, shocked by finding herself naked and being fucked while another creep is filming, she gets chloroformed again while the guy keeps fucking. Finally she's limp again, and the guy goes on. In the end he decides to finish in her mouth and the two guys leave her like that.