Elise and Dixon POV Inspection

A clip starring Ammalia, Elise Graves

Ammalia, Elise Graves in Elise and Dixon POV Inspection

In this clip: gas, face play, ragdolling, groping, POV, hands, humiliation, inspection, foot worship, girl/girl, multigirl, rolling, amateur, stripping, bodypile, feet, legs, ass, breasts, genitals, brunette, casual

Elise Graves and Dixon Mason have got a pendrive containing some embarrassing material which could ruin a man. They're now in a hotel room discussing about it. Unfortunately for them, this man sent two italian agents to collect that data back.
While the chicks are chatting, some gas gets in the room; they start to smell something strange, but it's too late: they cough, panic, squirm and finally they're completely limp and asleep.

Ammalia and another italian moron rush in the room where the two limp bodies are: Ammalia does the inspection while the other holds the POV camera, allowing you to experience the scene (NO cuts, amateur style to make it look more realistic).
The bodies are handled, searched, stripped naked, rolled, posed and piled up.

Once they found what they wanted, Ammalia has a short fun with the bodies and finally piles them up. The two evil agents leave them like this.