Pantyhose Prowler

A clip starring Belle Fatale

Belle Fatale in Pantyhose Prowler

In this clip: assault, bondage, chloroform, groping, fucking, faceless/anonymous, humiliation, girl/girl, masturbation, nylons

A famous reporter is on her latest case of exposing the infamous "Pantyhose Prowler". This criminal has been sexually assaulting women and leaving photos depicting of her sexual obsession with pantyhose at every crime scene. Little did the reporter know, the Prowler is onto her as well. She devises a plan to break into the reporter’s house and breaks in to ambush her before the reporter could gather enough evidence to lock her away for good. Before long, the Prowler finds herself sneaking into the reporter’s home with only her pantyhose.(Hence her gimmick) She has brought along with her a briefcase full of pantyhose, chloroform and a large strap-on dildo she especially uses to sexually torment her victims. While the devious women is at the reporter’s house, she tampers with the reporter’s documents to delete any evidence leading to the Prowler’s true identity. Then, as planned, she soaks a pair of pantyhose with chloroform and hides behind the bedroom door as she hears the reporter returning.

The reporter walks in, says hello to her useless pooch and sets down her bag. She’s looking exceptionally sexy today, with her skirt and high heeled pumps. The reporter checks her mail and leans against the counter. While doing so, exposing her sexy pantyhose covered feet through some shoe play. As she walks into her bedroom while talking to her boss on the phone, she’s completely oblivious to the Prowler behind the door, Chloroform-soaked pantyhose in hand. The reporter informs the boss that she has finally gathered enough evidence to imprison the Pantyhose Prowler. Little did she know, it’s all gone. After a few last words, the reporter hangs up the phone only to have a drugged pantyhose pressed up against her face. She panics and struggles hard but she’s no stronger than the prowler. The Prowler managed to bring her onto the bed where the reporter continued struggling by kicking around her pantyhose-clad feet. After a few minutes had gone by, the reporter’s world faded to black. She was out. Using this opportunity, The Prowler encases the reporter in a special pantyhose she had brought from home.  The prowler gets to work. She encases the reporter in pantyhose, puts on her huge strap on and grabs the vibrator she saw in the drawer. She places the vibrator under the reporter's pantyhose in her pussy, turns it on and takes pics, compromising photos to possibly use against her in the future. She moves her around the bed taking pics of the sexy reporter who has no clue what is going on. She pulls her to the edge of the bed, then to the floor sitting up as her back rests on the bed. She takes her huge strap on cock and starts to force it into the reporter's mouth as she starts to wake up she sees the cock and screams in terror. The prowler quickly shoves the dick in her mouth to shut her up and goes deep and hard. She is forcing the reporter to deep throat the giant cock, and she is gagging and choking causing tons of drool and spit to leak out everywhere and all over her pantyhose encasement. The prowler face fucks her hard for a long time(seen from many different angles) After she has her fill and needs to move to the next thing. With the reporter fighting back hard she needs to calm her down she she gets her back to the bed and pins her down. She is fighting hard so the prowler just uses her breasts to smother the reporter until she passes out again. It is much easier to get her tied up and dressed up for the next round. After the reporter is out again the prowler decides to put pantyhose over the reporter's face, and a ball gag over the pantyhose to keep her from screaming because the dick will be in the other hole, instead of the mouth. As the reporter wakes up she is starting to moan and scream muffled by the gag. The prowler gets on the bed with her strap on, already a hole ripped in the crotch of reporters pantyhose, she slides it in and starts to pound her hard, over and over. The reporter is in agony, she is so stiff and prudish she never gets any dick, but now she is getting a big one, and the prowler fucks her hard as she takes pics. After fucking her silly she gets up, puts the strap on dick into the reporter leaving it there as she moans and tries to free herself. The prowler gets the chloroform and soaks another set of pantyhose. She covers the mouth of the reporter and the reporter struggles hard. The prowler taunts her with what she is going to do with the strap on next after she is out cold. She places the chloroform soaked hose under the encasement mask so the reporter gets nothing else, and passes out thinking she will be raped again. The prowler is just toying with her this time, it is a game and a web she is spinning to get more exposure. She is very lucky she is not going to die this time, but if she continues with the story, she will be in real trouble. The prowler gathers her things and takes the reporter's camera and hard drive for leverage. She exits with the reporter still encased, but free from the binds and gags. The reporter is out cold, still probably dreaming she is being violated over and over. Body pans of her sexy, encased body follow.