Oiling and massaging a sleeping girl

A clip starring Nikki

Nikki in Oiling and massaging a sleeping girl

In this clip: chloroform, cumshot, groping, massage, masturbation

Nikki just graduated from high school. Today she was treating herself to a massage. This was her first time, she was a little nervous, but this place was supposed to be the best.
The massage was going well. He was taking a few liberties, but she was not worried. He was doing a nice job. But, soon, he wanted more from this hot little girl. He put her to sleep. She was a fighter, but now, she was still and he looked upon her nubile nude young body and went right to work.
He oiled her up. Lots of oil. Then he rubbed her, and rubbed her some more. Ever part of her he rub, paying attention to her breast, belly, legs, arms, hands, tight little pussy and feet. He was in heaven.
He lifted her up for a bit, then back down, then rolled her over on her side, then on her belly. He played with her backside and ass. More feet. Then he rolled her back and lifted her up one more time.
Finally, he had enough play and was ready to finish. He used her hand on his cock and jacked himself until he came all over her, leaving her there to discover the mess later once she will regain consciousness.
This LONG video features AMAZING sole views, FULL nudity and LOTS OF body handling!!!