Officer Anita Limp Inspection and Identity Theft

A clip starring Anita

Anita in Officer Anita Limp Inspection and Identity Theft

In this clip: chloroform, face play, hands, inspection, stripping

Officer Anita has a phone call with another agent. Anita is super excited about a new system which provides extra safety because it requires her own fingerprints for access; she feels really confident about that.
After she closes the call, someone appears from behind the couch, grabs her head and chloroform her. At that point, the spy takes a laser scanner out and proceeds acquiring her identity: he scans her teeth, ears, medals, and then moves to the hands. He carefully scans each finger and the palms, using the laser device, so that he will be able to break into the system.
He then undoes her high boots, exposing her legs and feet, and has a session handling her feet and scanning the soles and toes. He finally leaves, leaving the body behind, ready to attack the system.