Nyxon Autograph Assault

A clip starring Ammalia, Nyxon

Ammalia, Nyxon in Nyxon Autograph Assault

In this clip: assault, dragging, face play, ragdolling, foot worship, knockout, girl/girl, rolling

Nyxon is a famous wrestler, whom Ammalia keeps asking her for an autograph. However, Nyxon is always denying her. As she's super busy training herself, Ammalia takes her from behind and puts the famous star to sleep. At that point she begins stripping her, and it's a LONG job, as she is wearing more than 15 pieces of clothing! Ammalia has to move, drag, and roll Nyxon's body until she's fully naked and exposed. She also has to put her to sleep once again when at some point she recovers. Once naked, Ammalia performs some foot play, limb flopping and face play before leaving the champion naked and defeated for not having given her an autograph...