Coco Nylon Encasement Epic Delight

A clip starring Coco

Coco in Coco Nylon Encasement Epic Delight

In this clip: bondage, chloroform, groping, footjob, fucking, faceless/anonymous, masturbation, nylons

A couple is really into role playing with pantyhose, and have been playing for a few years, but tonight will be special, they will both go further than ever, and cross many lines...

Tonight she is super horny and has a surprise for her lover. She has fashioned a suit that covers her entire body in sheer nude pantyhose. She puts it on and caresses herself, waiting till the end to put on the mask made of sheer nylon. She told him to just come in and surprise her with the chloroform, as soon as he is home from work. She goes to the bed, rubbing herself, caressing her tits, and pinching her nipples. She rubs on her clit through the pantyhose, working herself into a quiet frenzy. As she gets upright, stretching her torso, and moaning from the feeling, her lover approaches quietly behind. He takes a piece of nylon and coats it in chloroform. He silently makes it to her from behind and covers her nose and mouth with the chloroform hosiery. She fights hard, but he is very strong. She fights for a while, and he takes her down to the bed, letting her finally relax and pass out in his arms. He loves it when she is limp, so he takes his time feeling her up, sucking and biting her nipples, touching her all over. He moves her around the bed, rolling her over so he can see her sexy soles, clad in the nude hose. He squeezes her ass, and rubs her pussy through the hose. He is very horny, but knows she will wake up soon and want more, she will want to go deeper into her own lust for fetish. As she comes to, he is holding her, he asks her if she would like to be choked this time, with the pantyhose laying on the floor. She says she will love it, but could he please give her her vibrator, so she can feel it inside her as he chokes her. He gets very excited from this and quickly gives over her favorite pink vibrating dildo. She turns it on, rubs it against her nipples, then lifts up the pantyhose, putting the vibrator into her tight pussy, making it go deeper and deeper into her pussy. She moans and groans as she plays with herself. She wriggles around and finally gets herself upright. He takes the nylon hose and wraps it around her neck and she starts to get into it, bucking her own hand against the vibrator, choking and climbing to orgasms pretty quickly. She gyrates and bucks as he takes her down to the bed again, so he can see the vibrator being held by her pantyhose, and watch her legs kick, toes curl and straighten. He chokes her as she is being pleasured by the vibrator working its way in and out, and still buzzing. She starts to slow down and then passes out. He rolls her over and sees the vibrator buzzing in her pussy. He is really horny now and can't wait, so he removes the pantyose covering her face, and moves her to the edge of the bed so he can see her feet and pussy. He whips out his already hard cock and starts to stroke it as he sees his hot lover, passed out and being fucked by the vibrator. He smells the pantyhose from her head and sheaths his dick with it like a pantyhose condom. He jerks himself as he plays with her feet, then fucks her feet many different ways with his pantyhose clad cock. He fucks her feet until he cums inside the hose on his dick. He takes the nylon coated in his cum and stuffs it in Coco's mouth.