Licking Nutella Off Sleepy Wife's Feet and Fucking Them

A clip starring Kelly

Kelly in Licking Nutella Off Sleepy Wife's Feet and Fucking Them

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My wife Kelly is relaxing at home reading a boring book, her legs stretched on a table and her feet exposed. The book is so boring that she soon falls asleep, in a really deep sleep as the book is really boring...

When I come home for work, later, I am starving - But I find my wife asleep like that, even though I was expecting dinner on the table. I am quite annoyed, as much annoyed as she is when I mention that I like her feet. Time to give her a lesson.
There is only a jar of Nutella on the table, so that will be my dinner. I pick it up, and begin spreading it on her sole. The plan is to lick it off her foot. She is asleep after all, so she can't complain about my foot fetish. I need to cheer myself up with chocolate for the missing dinner. She is such a bad wife!

So I take my time licking the Nutella off Kelly's luscious sole. Once I am done, I decide I need a nap and I want to relax. In order to relax, I grab Kelly's sleepy legs and get them off the table. I sit down and give myself a footjob using them, until I cum all over her bare feet.

Then I put her feet back up on the table, and lay down on the sofa. I am having a nap, I feel peaceful now. And, when she will wake up and find her feet with cum and a little bit of chocolate on them, she is going to be furious. But, after all, she needed a lesson!