Drugged Sister Nikita Ass Groping and Foot Fuck

A clip starring Nikita

Nikita in Drugged Sister Nikita Ass Groping and Foot Fuck

In this clip: ragdolling, groping, POV, footjob, faceless/anonymous, injection, inspection, foot worship, massage, masturbation, family affairs, brunette, petite

You know how hot sister Nikita is, when I find her totally limp and asleep in the house... Usually after a night spent partying, but this time exhausted after the gym.
However, I drug her down through an injection into her bum, just to make sure she doesn't wake up too soon. At that point her body is for all us to see, and I decide to hood her to be able to move her around with more freedom, as her face cannot be shown.

I show to you how floppy she is, dropping her arms and legs. I grope her ass and thighs in front of the camera, then I expose her feet by taking off her shoes and socks, and the usual limp foot play delight begins. You can see me worshiping her limp soles, slapping and rubbing them together, jerking, slapping and rubbing my dick on them, until I cum all over them (cum is simulated!).
Once again I'm here to show you off sister Nikita's body and feet, and I know how much you like her!