Niki Sleepwalker

A clip starring Niki

Niki in Niki Sleepwalker

In this clip: groping, hypnosis, foot worship, trance

After watching a movie, Niki and her friend take a nap. Once she is sleeping, her friend reveals his foot fetish by taking advantage of the situation. He takes off her boots and socks, grabs her sleeping feet in his hands, begins sniffing and kissing her soles... Suddenly she opens her eyes wide and bounces up unexpectedly like a spring... CAUGHT! He is paralyzed, he doesn't know how to explain what he was doing. He apologizes, ashamed and anxious, but Niki seems not to be there: actually, her eyes are lost into emptiness, and she keeps whispering meaningless things... She's not there, she's a sleepwalker!! The guy realizes she is not seeing him; he touches her feet, and she's not feeling him! He has fun trying to interact with her meaningless sentences, until he realizes he can actually drive her dreaming a little bit. At that point he makes her believe she's riding a bicycle, so her legs move and her feet rub on his face. It's a nice long play, during which Niki keeps dreaming totally unaware of what's going on! Later, once they both wake up, she doesn't remember a thing, making his experience even more thrilling.