Never Seen a Naked Girl II

A clip starring Sabien

Sabien in Never Seen a Naked Girl II

In this clip: ragdolling, groping, inspection, sniffing, foot worship, rolling, willing, amateur, stripping, feet, legs, ass, breasts, genitals, chubby, young, drug

After the success of our old first clip on the topic, we thought it was nice to make a second one. This time we see a really unfortunate geek being mocked by a punky tattooed girl, who decided to willingly put herself to sleep using a pill, letting him free to have a look at her body undisturbed, without being afraid of her judgement.

Once she's out, he starts to handle the limp body in a hilarious way, undressing her, getting scared at the sight of her nakedness. Once she's naked he unexpectedly focuses on her feet, sniffing and worshiping them, as he's evidently into that. It is probably his first and only intercourse with real feet, and soon he ends up touching himself in a ridiculous way - Unfortunately that's when the girls wakes up, catching him in the act at her feet... Humiliated and terrified, the geek pushes himself in the corner in total shame, apologizing, trying to convince her that he was just having a look.