Never seen a Naked Girl

A clip starring Taurus

Taurus in Never seen a Naked Girl

In this clip: gas, kissing, willing, stripping

Two young friends are sitting on the bed, bored; they don't know how to spend the afternoon. The guy asks the girl if she can drink a magic beer that will put her to sleep for some hours. She asks why does he wants to have her that way, and he replies that he needs to borrow a female body to investigate, as he has never seen a naked girl and his friends are making fun of him. After some perplexity, she finally agrees and drinks the bottle, leaving him alone with her young body.
He has a great time stripping her naked, kissing her on the lips for a long time before inspecting her genitals, and fucking her while licking her smooth bare sole dangling before his face! Finally, he redresses the body and relaxes using her like a teddy bear.