Sara Nervepinch and Inspection

A clip starring Sara

Sara in Sara Nervepinch and Inspection

In this clip: chloroform, face play, groping, POV, inspection, trance, nervepinch

A guy is looking for a memory card which was supposed to be in the place. Sara is there and in a dodgy way she keeps denying that she's involved in this. At some point the guy has enough and trances her by nerve pinching her neck. She collapses on the couch, being unable to move although remaining someway conscious. He starts frisking her searching for the memory card, but there seems to be nothing. However, in order to have a deeper search, he chloroforms her so he can have her completely limp. Once she's gone, he starts searching deeper, groping her body and legs. He lowers her down with the back on a footrest, so her face and neck are fully exposed. There he starts to search her breasts and of course finds the memory card in the bra; at that point Sara starts to wake up and, while she is still groggy, the guy chloroforms her again. He then drags her back onto the couch and leaves the body there.