Lauren Nervepinches Kelli and Plays With Her Limp Body

A clip starring Lauren, Kelli Smith

Lauren, Kelli Smith in Lauren Nervepinches Kelli and Plays With Her Limp Body

In this clip: face play, ragdolling, hands, inspection, trance, nervepinch

Lauren is spending some time with her sexy friend Kelli, who complains about some back and neck pain. Lauren wants to play with Kelli's limp body, so she takes the chance and tricks her friend into getting a very special nerve pinch on the back of her neck which is supposed to solve up her back pain... So Kelli gladly lets her do it, but the nerve pinch zaps her down, and after a good minute of dazed faces and rolling eyes, she finally falls limp in the hands of her evil friend!

Lauren proceeds having some fun with limp Kelli's body, partially undressing her, lifting her and letting her fall back, exposing her feet and breasts, and giving a lot of attention to Kelli's limp hands.
When Kelli wakes up, at the end of the clip, she doesn't understand much of what happened and the reasons why she's half naked, but on the other hand the pain has gone and she can not complain much...