Foot Worship and Cumshot on the Neighbour's Sleepy Soles

A clip starring Ammalia, Elly

Ammalia, Elly in Foot Worship and Cumshot on the Neighbour's Sleepy Soles

In this clip: cumshot, gas, footjob, humiliation, inspection, foot worship, masturbation, stripping

We see a girl practicing her walk in high heels, when suddenly the bell rings - it's her nerdy neighbor, a girl who spends her whole life just studying. She complains about the noise, but unexpectedly she is invited to come in for a drink and accepts, surprised by the kind offer. In the meantime, the boyfriend arrives back home and joins them - but suddenly the nerdy neighbor surprisingly falls asleep, and the evil couple quickly decide to see what's "under the hood": they lay the girls body on the table and strip her naked, discovering some sexy underwear under the nerdy clothing! They make a lot of comments and the girl makes fun of the situation by taking a lot of pics of the neighbor's body... Then she leaves, her boyfriend is now alone with the limp neighbor girl still lying unconsciously on the table... He can't resist and begins worshipping her soles, soon standing up masturbating, ending with a real cumshot on her amazing, soft soles!