Bethany NBM Magic Bot Foot Worship

A clip starring Bethany

Bethany in Bethany NBM Magic Bot Foot Worship

In this clip: inspection, foot worship, feet, legs, ass, underwear/bikini

A robot's body with long red nails, luscious feet and a stunning ass lies incomplete (headless) on a lab table. A guy is taking pictures of it, as he's potentially interested in buying it and bring it home.
An inspection of the limp feet follows: he looks at the soles and toes, gropes and admires them, anticipating what he can do it he buys... He wants it!

He takes his phone out and calls the "NBM Company" (while still handling the headless robot's feet): he asks for a quote to have the body turned into a NBM thing within the day. Sounds expensive but he decides to take it anyway: he can't wait to have that body all dressed up at home!

Later on we are at the guy's place: the bot, now wearing white stockings, has now been converted to NBM and is now moving on its own, executing orders when activated by voice. The guy sinks his face on her feet, sucking and worshiping them, while ordering the mod to move her feet the way he wants on his face, to enjoy these soles even more.