My Sleepy Neighbours Pt2

A clip starring Belle Fatale

Belle Fatale in My Sleepy Neighbours Pt2

In this clip: cumshot, face play, ragdolling, groping, POV, footjob, fucking, masturbation, amateur


Chris comes back from dealing with the mailman, letting him know they were not home(wink wink). He turns on the camera and knows he needs to get going on his day. A couple interruptions have caused set backs, and he needs to make up for lost time. He commences to having his way with them both. He flops Belle down to the edge of the bed, then he checks out her pussy, rubbing it to get some of her excitement out to lubricate his sex. He does the same to karma, who's pussy is pink and wet from the sleepy petting. Chris is so horny by now, he gropes, kisses, molests and plays with the two neighbor gals. He fucks Karma's tight pussy as it sloshes on his dick. He plays with her sexy little feet. He gets some of her, then heads over to have sex with Belle. He plays with her tits and mouth while he plunges his cock into her gripping hand. He gets himself hard with her hand, then puts it inside her. He fucks them both again, digging deeper, passionately grasping them, playing with them, restraining their arms. After he fucks Belle, he goes over and gets into karma, he fucks her for a while as she shakes back and forth . Chris pulls out his dick, masturbating over the two limp neighbors, lining them up with the other hand. He jerks and shoots a load across their tits, and all over Karma's chest. He then does some P.O.V. shots of the gals to show his friends when he makes the video(which he did :-)