My Sleepy Neighbours

A clip starring Belle Fatale

Belle Fatale in My Sleepy Neighbours

In this clip: assault, carrying, chloroform, face play, ragdolling, groping, POV, hands, inspection, knockout, stripping

Chris is just a normal guy, who works a normal type job. He is a transient, moving from college town to college town looking for work, and an inexpensive apartment with cute tenants. He has been here for a couple months, getting bored and cabin fever, he finally takes advantage of being the nice guy neighbor. He knows that Belle works till 4 am and sleeps till 2pm, he also knows that Karma usually leaves for class, or work by 10 or 10:30. He starts out in his place across the hall, waiting for the roomie to split to work. When her hears her leave, he heads to their apartment to find Belle, crashed out, under the covers. He heads in with his handy camera and plastic tripod. He heads in the room with his chloroform and rag, whispering to not wake her up. He chloroforms her after spying on her a bit. She comes to and fights, while her eyes roll back and she passes out. Chris checks her out, feeling her up a bit and peeling back the covers to see her body, in a tight camisole and panties. As he starts to get a bit closer, he hears the door open and her roomie Karma say, "Hey, it's just me." Maybe she is back to stay or just forgot something, Chris sneaks up behind her and punches her in the head, knocking her out. She falls to the ground, hair still a bit wet, and dressed in a tight sports bra and lace top, with a tight skirt and skimpy black panties. The Spring weather has her in slide on sandals that barely cling to her feet as she lay on the floor, out cold. Chris checks her out a bunch, looking at her sexy feet and upskirt views. He sets up the tripod in the bedroom next to Belle, and goes to pick up and carry Karma to the bed to join Belle. After he resets his tripod he chloroforms them both again, just for good measure. He opens and closes their eyes. He feels them both up a bit, commenting on how cute they are. He does some point of view shots to check them out, play with their limbs and do some hand drops. He starts to remove their tops, pinching nipples and squeezing breasts. He tripods up again so he can have free hands to grope them and flop them around, checking to see if they are limp. He hears a knock at the door and has to break for a minute while he tells the cable guy they are not home, then he returns, uncovers them again and...He opens their mouths and slowly undresses them, playing with their mouths and hands, and pussies. He helps the other one, sleepily fondle the other, and him at the same time. He plays with them as he removes the panties, then inspecting each pussy, closely to see how sexy they are. He spreads their pussy lips and looks inside. He plays with their mouths, fondling them the whole time.