My Sister Nikita And The Martini

A clip starring Nikita

Nikita in My Sister Nikita And The Martini

In this clip: drunk, groping, footjob, faceless/anonymous, kissing, foot worship, masturbation, family affairs, brunette, petite

You already know Nikita, and the way she parties every Saturday night... and the usual way I find her, completely out cold, once I come home.
This time, as usual, I found her deeply sleeping, and I turned on my camera to show you what I did with her feet. In her hands, there was a bottle of Martini which was nearly empty... How vicious she is! So I take off her shoes and start worshiping her soft soles, always keeping an eye on the recording camera to give you a clean POV view of my secret experience. I pulled my dick out and started jerking, slapping it soundly on her soles and toes.

Then I get an idea: I could wet them with the remaining Martini, staring at the drips running down her soles, and lick it off with my tongue as I run it up and down on my sister's feet!
I did that a lot, and I even put the bottle between the two arches, in a kind of footjob, and I go on slapping my dick on her wet lucid soles and jerking.
In the end it's a really big mess: the feet exposed, the couch soaked and the pavement wet. Nikita, messy as usual...