Groping Her Personal Trainer's Muscular Limp Body

A clip starring Sonya

Sonya in Groping Her Personal Trainer's Muscular Limp Body

In this clip: fighting, groping, hands, humiliation, inspection, trance

Personal trainer Sonya is super fit and muscular; she is a room with her pupil Sandra, demonstrating different self defence grips on her. Her confidence and strength leave no chance to Sandra, who keeps being pushed to the floor by Sonya's grips and tricks. She would have no chance with Sonya, just like anybody else: the combination of technique, confidence and strength leaves no escape.
But Sandra is evil and asks Sonya to let her demonstrate a little trick she knows: Sonya has to sit down comfortably, and Sandra moves behind her. Sonya is relaxed as she expects nothing special, but instead she gets a nervepinch on the back of her neck! Her eyes roll and in a few seconds she's down unconscious!
Sonya has been defeated, and now Sandra is alone with her fitness trainer's limp body: she can now talk to her in a more naughty way, admire her muscles, grope them all the time and enjoy their consistence... Move her body around, grope her ass and smack it as a revenge for having put her on the ground so many times... Now she could do anything with that body, and Sonya could not react in any way. the confidence has gone, leaving room to a limp condition with only some moaning occasional responses.
Sandra keeps moving the body around, takes her shoes off and kisses her feet, but most of the time focuses on groping these toned muscles on her legs, arms and back, which make Sonya look like a defeated warrior...