Mum Roxana Mature Feet and Body

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Roxana in Mum Roxana Mature Feet and Body

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After 10 years, I went to visit my old friend, but only her mom is at home. She is quite mature now, but still stunning as she was when I was young, the subject of my earliest sexual fantasies. She lets me in, just for some small talk about how we've been in 10 years, and at some point we get a glass of wine, and that puts her to sleep. At that point, I'm alone. I start undressing her body, exploring my friend's mom like I never had the chance to, worshipping her mature but hot feet for the first time. I undress her completely naked, and finally I lay her down on the couch, worshipping her feet as I jerk off. That is definitely not what I was expecting when going to visit my old friend!