Multigirl Gang Limp Bodypiles Pt2

A clip starring Gisy Scerman, Stella, Valerie

Gisy Scerman, Stella, Valerie in Multigirl Gang Limp Bodypiles Pt2

In this clip: bondage, chloroform, face play, bodypile

NOTE: the video is great except for the girls' poor English, and a black spot on the screen (a piece of something on the camera sensor which was not noticed at shooting time)

Scene fades back in. The 3 are tied on the couch, topless and feet exposed, tied together. They are gagged. Good pans of the feet and limp out girls. They wake and start to struggle. Good shots again of feet and faces.
Evil Gisy comes in and tells them they are double crossed by their boss. She chloroforms Nina first, as the other two squirm trying to defend their friend, but soon her body falls limp on them.
Then it's Stella's turn, she gets the chloro and delivers some amazing crossed eyes and squirming toes. Now Valerie sits angry and scared, tied up to her limp friends' bodies. Gisy approaches her from behind and puts the tag on her as well... It's an intense scene, we see her toes squirm and her boobs bounce... Amazing, then finally she goes down like her friends, hopelessly.
Gisy starts to untie the limp girls, when she is surprised and attacked by something (POV). Cut.

The video ends with body pans of the four limp girls, piled up on the floor, as the camera slowly pans around grabbing all the details...