Multigirl Gang Limp Bodypiles Pt1

A clip starring Gisy Scerman, Stella, Valerie

Gisy Scerman, Stella, Valerie in Multigirl Gang Limp Bodypiles Pt1

In this clip: gas, fainting, ragdolling, inspection, nylons, stripping, bodypile

NOTE: the video is great except for the girls' poor English, and a black spot on the screen (a piece of something on the camera sensor which was not noticed at shooting time)

Gisy is in rival gang from Val, Nina, Stella. Her job is to trap them in a peace meeting. Gisy sits in the room waiting. Nina, Stella, Val come in. They are suspicious. But their job is to talk a truce between their gangs.
Gisy offers a drink. The 3 take it. But there is something in it: soon they feel funny and collapse out cold. (Good triple knockout scene). Passed out body pile.
Gisy watches and smiles. She stands and starts to strip them. Shoes, tops. A lot of limp bodies undressing. In the end we have a bodypile made of the cute girls from the rival gang!