Multigirl Pendrive Inspection

A clip starring Ammalia, Nyxon, Gisy Scerman, Ivy Blonde

Ammalia, Nyxon, Gisy Scerman, Ivy Blonde in Multigirl Pendrive Inspection

In this clip: assault, carrying, fainting, fighting, ragdolling, inspection, knockout, multigirl, rolling, nylons

Nyxon, Gisy Scerman, Ammalia and Ivy Blonde are sitting in front of a laptop, laughing loudly and looking at the screen. It looks like they have something really compromising there, about a really important person, and Nyxon transfers the material to a pendrive. Suddenly, all the girls except her start to panic and cough, as if there is something strange in the air, until they all fall asleep on the ground. At first Nyxon doesn't understand what's going on, but then realizes it must be something dealing with the footage... So she hides the pendrive on her and, once she hears someone coming, she falls down limp, pretending to be out like the other girls. A nylon covered man walks in, and starts looking for the pendrive. He drags the girls one by one on a nearby bed, rolls, strips and inspects their body, but finds nothing. He grows angry and frustrated, as Nyxon is secretly spying him. She's the only one left, and she can do nothing but go on pretending, allowing him to take her body and strip her. He finds the pendrive on her. At that point she has no choice but to jump at him and try to get it back. There is a struggle, but at some point the guy puts her to sleep, and this time for real! No more spying, no more thoughts. He finishes stripping her body, puts her on the pile, and leaves a thank you post-it on her breasts...