Multigirl body and foot inspection

A clip starring Viva, Belle, Taurus, Stormy, Solara

Viva, Belle, Taurus, Stormy, Solara in Multigirl body and foot inspection

In this clip: dragging, inspection, knockout, multigirl, stripping, bodypile

Eight young women are in a studio lobby waiting for an audition to be in a local commercial. Too bad that this is actually a front for the Slave Trade Syndicate! The room is flooded with a quick acting sleepy gas and before they realize it, it is too late and they all pass out. A group of three henchmen then come in and each girl is stripped, fondled and inspected before being dragged into a pile. The Syndicate has very strict regulations for women that are going to be sold into slavery so there is one pile for the ones chosen and another for the ones they found lacking. Don't feel bad for the ones that weren't chosen. I'm sure the Syndicate will find other creative uses for them! There is a large amount of focus on soles during each inspection. This one is destined to be a best seller!!!