Limp Carley, Sweet Jodie and the Monster

A clip starring Carley, Jodie

Carley, Jodie in Limp Carley, Sweet Jodie and the Monster

In this clip: assault, carrying, face play, fainting, hands, knockout

Carley and Jodie sneak into a house as they need to investigate about a creepy monster who is supposed to live there. They are both very nervous and decide to have a look around; Jodie goes in the bedroom and is surprised by the monster, who tries to grab her, but she manages to escape and runs back to Carley. She explains what happened and Carley is now really worried bout being there... That's when the monster appears, causing Carley to faint straight into his arms as Jodie cowardly runs away trying to save herself.
Alone with Carley's limp body, the monster carries her OTS and walks around the room; Carley wakes up several times, but as soon as she realizes that she's being carried on the monster's shoulder, she faints again and again.
The monster carries her into the bedroom and drops her on the bed, where he starts inspecting her face and her limp hands for some time; he admires her limp figure, and finally leaves.
Later, Carley wakes up and finds herself alone in the room; she tries to escape and runs into the main room, where the monster surprises her again; there is a brief struggle, which suddenly ends in a neck chop which causes Carley to drop limp on the couch. The monster carries her limp body OTS again and brings her back into the bedroom. he drops her body on the bed again, but this time Jodie assaults him and puts him down with a neck chop as well. She manages to wake Carley up and the two girls run away from that horrible place.