Mom Alexia Chloroformed and Foot Worshipped in Bondage

A clip starring Alexia

Alexia in Mom Alexia Chloroformed and Foot Worshipped in Bondage

In this clip: assault, bondage, chloroform, face play, hands, foot worship, amateur, mature

Mom Alexia comes back home after bringing her son to the soccer fields; she makes herself comfortable on the couch, has a tea and reads a magazine while having some tea. In the meantime we get amazing foot views and closeups.
She gets a call from her best friend and they chat for a bit. She tells her about a creep dad who has been staring at her at the soccer fields, he seemed to be quite much into her legs. Then they arange to meet up later and she closes the call, getting back to her magazine.
Suddenly, someone sneaks behind her and chloroforms her; there is a struggle but finally she is gone; the guy approaches her limp body and starts performing some ragdolling. Some limp face play, arm and hands, legs and feet.
The scene fades out and opens up showing Alexia on the floor, tied up and gagged with tapes. She is still limp and the creep is worshipping her bare feet, having a good time with that. Slowly Alexia wakes up, and starts to panic and struggle; the guy keeps enjoying her feet for some time, then stands up and walks around her providing POV shots of her struggling in bondage.
At some point the gag comes off and Alexia is able to speak. "I know you, you're the man from the soccer fields!"