Honour May Sleepy Foot Fetish Model Toy

A clip starring Honour May

Honour May in Honour May Sleepy Foot Fetish Model Toy

In this clip: oral, face play, ragdolling, groping, inspection, foot worship, willing, stripping


The scene opens with you both sitting looking at your computer screen. You are discussing and viewing your previous “sleepy foot fetish portfolio” with yourself and Honour discussing the pictures, commenting on what she likes / doesn’t like etc.  Essentially you are planning the impending “sleepy foot fetish shoot” with the model who is going to be involved in it.

Once you have scrolled through the photos you basically finalise the plans for Honour’s sleepy foot fetish shoot.  You then stand from the table, Honour leaves to “get changed” for the shoot and the scene fades.

The scene reopens with Honour in sexy lingerie and a robe over it all.  She disrobes and you take some typical modelling poses (all body long shots, some leg poses, dangling, foot poses) and then you proceed to put Honour to sleep.

Once she’s asleep then do your usual including open leg shots / Sleepy blowjob / pussy licking / dildo insertion and obviously lots of sleepy foot worship!

At the end you wake her up and have her briefly ask how it went.