Military body-toy lesbian foot worship

A clip starring Olive Glass, Juliette

Olive Glass, Juliette in Military body-toy lesbian foot worship

In this clip: groping, fucking, faceless/anonymous, foot worship, girl/girl, masturbation, stripping

We find a hot handcuffed and hooded girl who has been put to sleep in a dungeon, when an army soldier enters and strips the body naked, leaving only the hood on. He leaves right after that, clearing the room for a girl dressed in military apparel. She starts fondling the body, kissing and licking her sensually, before moving down to the beautiful bare soles. She sits down and starts worshipping them while pleasuring herself until she orgasms. Then, overwhelmed by shame, she runs away. Soon the soldier comes back and starts fucking the unconscious prisoner, we can see her cute feet dangling at every stroke. Once he's done, he leaves the body behind and returns to his business.