Mesmerized Kitty Foot Worship Therapy

A clip starring Kitty

Kitty in Mesmerized Kitty Foot Worship Therapy

In this clip: hypnosis, foot worship, trance

Kitty has a problem with feet: she literally can't cope with feet in general, and hates her feet so she never shows them out. She goes to a therapist who thinks the only way to deal with the problem is through hypnosis. He will put her in a trance, and she will still be able to see and feel what's going on, but her body will be paralysed so she won't be able to stop him. By experiencing the intense situation, she will hopefully overcome her foot phobia.
And so he does, and as Kitty remains frozen with a blank stare, he starts to grope her feet first, finishing off with an intense foot worship which Kitty can experience without making any sound or blinking at all.
In the end, when he undoes the trance, he's expecting her to be surprised and over it, but, instead, she literally runs away shocked.