Lucy Lauren Medical Sleepy Foot Worship

A clip starring Lucy Lauren

Lucy Lauren in Lucy Lauren Medical Sleepy Foot Worship

In this clip: POV, foot worship, medical, willing, stripping

A doctor is investigating the pleasure centres in women’s brain and what causes sexual arousal and orgasm. Girls like Lucy Lauren apply, and the experiment involves being willingly put into a deep sleep, after which monitoring probes are applied on the body to record the level of sexual arousal.

Lucy Lauren arrives in the doctor's waiting room and sits, having some of the filming focusing in her legs walking in her shoes. She is reading a magazine.  She is a professional personal, not rude or arrogant, but not giggly or silly either.  Basically she is here for an appointment and to do the job.

The doctor arrives, the two discuss for a bit about the experiment and finally Lucy Lauren signs the agreement. The two move into the medical room where the experiment will take place.

Lucy Lauren lies down on the bed. The doctor gives her the anesthetic through a medical mask. As she started to get sleepy she begins to comment on that it smells nice, her feelings, until her eyes start to flutter and soon she is out.

Once she is out, the doctor exposes her tits and genitals, spreads her legs, applies the monitoring sensors (including the insertion of a dildo sensor in her pussy) and powers up the stimulation. As this happens, Lucy Lauren’s sleeping body gasps and reacts to the power up, arching up and moaning.

Lucy Lauren keeps moaning and rubbing herself in her sleep, but when the doctor removes her high heels and stockings she becomes soundly aroused, in a crescendo which will lead to her orgasming loudly in her sleep, rubbing herself while the doctor is worshipping her feet and licking her soles passionately.

When later she wakes up, she doesn't remember any of this.