Limp Adreena Footfucked by Medical Creep

A clip starring Adreena

Adreena in Limp Adreena Footfucked by Medical Creep

In this clip: cumshot, groping, footjob, hands, foot worship, masturbation, medical, redressing, nylons

Adreena lies limp and gone on a medical table, wearing only white stockings and underwear. A really creepy attendant walks in and starts groping her body, giving himself a handjob using her limp hand, and taking off her underwear.
He soon takes off one stocking as well, and rolls the body on the tummy, to start please himself using her limp feet - groping, licking and fucking her soles until he cums over them. Some stellar closeups of these arches!
Finally he cleans up the mess wiping his cum off, and puts the missing stocking on.