Portia Massage Freeze

A clip starring Ammalia, Portia

Ammalia, Portia in Portia Massage Freeze

In this clip: humiliation, foot worship, massage, trance, silly

Portia comes to me to have her usual massage session, but finds my trainee Ammalia who needs to practice. I remain there looking POV.
Portia strips naked and lies down on the massage bed. Ammalia starts to massage her back and legs, but at the same time starts to perv at her soles; she moves her face closer, she would like to worship them... But Portia notices something and looks back multiple times, also asking what is she doing. Ammalia ignores it and smiles. She grabs a stun stick and puts her on the back of Portia's neck, zapping her. Her legs shake a couple of times, then Portia is frozen and Ammalia can do whatever she likes with her, and of course goes to her feet and starts worshipping her soles for a while. In the meantime I watch and enjoy.
In the end frozen Portia gets posed like a silly soldier (note: there are a few minor blinks in this part), and Ammalia leaves.