Sleepy Massage Kelli Smith

A clip starring Kelli Smith

Kelli Smith in Sleepy Massage Kelli Smith

In this clip: gas, hands, massage

Kelli is always busy with all the model shoots she does! She has been wanting to fit in some time to take care of herself by getting a massage! She had heard from all her model girlfriends about a Mick who does great massages at his place! All the girls say at the end of the massage their body feels so relaxed and refreshed as if they just took a really good nap!

Kelli arrives for her massage excited knowing how much she needs it! Mick, welcomes her, gives a towel, water bottle and suggests for Kelli to undress down to just her panties! While Kelli drinks her water, she undresses down to her panties and then she lies down on the massage table with the towel covering chest/body! He starts with the massage by using nice and easy motion techniques that will help Kelli relax even more while the drug takes effect! while massaging her shoulders, arms, hands, and feet he creates small talk with her to ask how she's been doing and how modelling is going? She answers  but as the time goes by she gets super relaxed, eyes gets sleepy! It was while Mick was massaging her feet was when Kelli's eyes slowly closed and she drifted into a deep sleep! Mick soon realizes this, and slowly removes the towel which shows her beautiful boobs/ body!  He then starts paying close attention to massaging her hands as well as her feet! He enjoys lifting her limp hands and feet and letting them fall to the massage table! Mick is totally in love with Kelli's body!

The scene cuts to show Kelli now laying face down and Mick massages her back, shoulders hands and feet! Now that she's in this position,  He lifts her limp hands and feet to see them fall onto the table! After some time of Mick massaging Kelli, She slowly wakes from her sleep feeling rested, body feeling great but surprised that she fell asleep!